Frequently asked questions about dog sledding with us.

  • Do we drive the sled ourself?
    2 and 2 share a sled. One sits in the sled, and one is driving. You can change half way.
    We have a guide that drives in front.

  • How do we controll the sled?
    You will be given proper instructions before we start.
    But, while you wait for your adventure, you can read some instructions HERE.

  • How many dogs is it per sled?
    Normally there are 6 huskies per sled.
    We might adjust this, due to the conditions of the tracks, weight of the sled, age of the drivers and so on.

  • What kind of dogs do you have?
    We only have Alaska Huskies. Alaska husky is a mixed breed, wich is defined only by its purpose, which is that of a highly efficient sled dog.

  • Is it cold?
    YES and no. It could be very cold. It`s colder than you think, so dress WARM.
    Remember WARM SHOES, GLOVES and HAT.
    Try to use wool closest to your body, and windproof clothes outside.

  • Do you have warm overalls that we can borrow?
    YES. But we do not have unlimited, so try to dress well yourself.

  • Do you have toilet fasilities?
    Yes and no.
    We are outside in the wild, so there is basicly nothing here.
    But we do have an "emergency toilet" if you should need.
    So try to "do your things" before you leave.

  • We are travelling with a small child. Can he/she join us?
    Yes, as long as they are more than 1 year, and dressed WARM.
    They can then sit between your legs, inside the sled.

  • Can we take pictures during the trip?
    YES! Off cource.
    But please hold your camera inside your pocket until the trips has started. This is because the dogs are SO eager to start, and make a lot of noise. While we are out in the tracks, the one sitting in the sled can take pictures. When we are back in the camp, you will have plenty of time taking all the pictures you like. And the dogs LOVE to take pictures with you. They are the masters of selfies. And they also love to be cuddled with and talked to. They LOVE when you say thank you for the trip. Belive us, they understand.

  • We see that there is a lot of snow in Geilo, why are we not able to go on a trip?
    Well, first of all, the majority of our trips, take place on a frozen lake, so if it`s early or late in the season, we need to be sure that the lake is 100% safe. You do NOT want to take a swin in our lake.
    Secondly, "a lot of snow" might mean so much. It might look like there is a lot of snow, but we need at least 50 cm to be able to go. This because the tracks need to be in perfect shape. All rocks and tree stumps need to be gone, and we also need to compress the snow to have a nice and "hard" track. So 5 centimeter might look a lot, but it just isn`t enough. (Belive us, we wish it would be enough, just as much as you do)

  • How do we get to your place?
    If you do not have a car, we can pick you up (free of charge)at the tourist office in Geilo. Only 50 meters from the train station.
    Adress: Vesleslåttvegen 13, 3580 Geilo.

    If you do have a car, you can meet directly in the camp in Skurdalen. 15 min drive from Geilo.
    Adress: Skurdalsvegen 627, 3580 Geilo.

    - Warm clothes
    - Warm shoes
    - Camera
    - Goggles if it is snowing
    - Sunglasses and sunscreen if it is sunny