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This is the real deal. Here you get a lot of time on the sled and with the dogs.
The trip starts with a wonderfull cartrip across Kikut and down to Skurdalen.

Total time: 2 hour
Sled trip: 10km / 45 min

Great nature, wilderness and plenty of time with the dogs.
You get about 45 min on the sled.

The trip starts at the Touristinformation in Geilo, where you will be picked up by one of our employes. Then we will have a great cartrip across "Kikut" with beautiful view above "Skurdalen" where we are going to drive.

After about 15 min, we will arrive our basecamp.
Here our mushers and handlers will greet you, togheter with the dogs. We gather around the bonfire and get easy instructions about mushing and safety.
If anyone needs more clothes or so, this is the time to put them on. We have overalls you can borrow.

Now we are ready for the main trip. You will be divided 2 and 2 per sled. One driving, and one sits in the sled. Our guide/musher drives in front, to check that everythings goes smooth, and to guide you the correct way.

The trip goes around "Holmevatnet" and then over to "Skurdalsfjorden", before we make a turn and go back to the basecamp.The trip last for about 45 minutes and is 10km long.

Half way trough the trip, you and the person sitting in the sled, can change positions if you like.

When we return to the camp, you can say hello and cuddle with the dogs as much as you like. They LOVE the attention after the trip. Before we leave the camp, we gather again around the bonfire, share experiences, ask questions and have something warm to drink.

In the end we take the car back to Geilo. When we pass "Kikut" again, you will have an amazing wiev over Geilo and "Hallingskarvet". So remember to have your camera ready.
"Hallingskarvet" is the largest mountain in Geilo, and is also the background of our logo.

After 2 hours we are back at the touristinformation.

- Warm clothes
- Warm shoes
- Camera
- Goggles if it is snowing
- Sunglasses and sunscreen if it is sunny

- Beautifull cartrip across "Kikut" in lovely nature. (Geilo - Skurdalen - Geilo)
- You own sled with 6 dogs. (2 persons pr sled)
- 45 minutes on the sled.
- Guide that follows you and look after you and the dogs.
- Warm overalls if needed.
- An experience you will never forget.


Safety is our number one priority. We have incurrance for all of our guests. At all time, we have radio contact with basecamp/handler. We have first aid kit and a snowmobile if needed.

Remeber that it can be EXTREMLY cold, so dress WARM. Warmer than you think, you are outside in snow and wind. We do offer overalls if needed.

When you order, you will be charged a deposit of NOK 250,-
The rest will be charged the day before the trip.

NB. The 12.00 trip lasts for 2.5 hours, not 2. This is because both the dogs and the crew need a break. So of you choose this trip, you get a little bit more time with the dogs ;)

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