Dog sledding Norway / Husky safari . Why choose us?

We drive into the real wildness, no ski tracks, no trucks, just us, the dogs and the real wildlife. All our trips take place on a big frozen lake and trough a small forrest.
We also go in small groups, maximun 5 people, so it will be you and the dogs in focus.
You will not be a part of a large group.

Fagerlund Husky is based in Geilo, Norway.

Currently we have 19 Alaska huskies, that we have been working with since 2012.
But we have been working with dogs all our lives, with e.g. obedience and agility.

Fagerlund Husky is owned and managed by the married couple Kenneth and Kathrine Brusletto Eliassen, together with Kathrines brother,  Kristian Brusletto Kjærholt.
We own all our dogs ourselves, and take care of them all year.

Kenneth is in charge of the dogs and their wellbeing. He is also the main musher, that normally will follow you into the wild.

Kristian is in charge of the camp, tracks, marketing and our guests.

Kathrine helps out with the dogs, drive the sled and are head of finance.

In our team we have Malin and Ingrid as well.
Malin is the main handler and help all of us with everything we need. In addition Malin also drives the sled and will take care of you in the camp.

Ingrid is our second handler, that has worked with us a long time. She has just moved to study animal welfare, but she will work with us as often as she can, in some weekends and the holidays

Together we do everything we can to make your experience as special as possible with us and all of the dogs.

For me, this sure is in the top of the list of best experiences ever. A true ‘bucket-list’ check!